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We are proud members of the following organization:
Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce,
Advertising Specialty Institute,
Kiwanis Norcross GA


How we help you

We help save you money

In this economy, people are looking for ways to save money.

We produce superior T-shirts at great prices

We help you save time

We stay on top of all aspects of your order from concept to delivery so you can focus your attention and time on what you want knowing your order is in good hands.

We make you look great for choosing us

Because of our exceptional quality standards, we stand behind every product we produce. We strive to exceed your expectations.

How T-Shirts

will grow your business

1. Use T-shirts as purchase incentives,

offer a free t-shirt for each $250 spent during the month.

2.  Give away a free T-shirt to potential customers. When people receive gifts of value most people feel the need to give you something back, kind of a “tit for tat” kind of thinking. ( and everybody loves to get a free T-shirt)

However, the only thing your customer can give back is business and it is always good to give people gifts.

3. When your customer wears your shirt they are advertising for you for free.

4. T-Shirts will help grow your business is the amount of “Touch Points” that T-shirts give. The first touch point is when they receive the gift, the second is when they see it folder in there drawer at home each time when they go looking for a shirt to wear, and the third is every time they put it on.

“You want to keep your company in the forefront of your customers mind so when your customer goes to make a buying decision they call you instead of your competitor.”

                                                              Bill Converse


These are just some of the ways shirts can help your business grow.

Call Fax or e-mail us to help you grow your business.

 New product announcements, Uniforms, Schools, Bands, Churches, Non-Profit companies, Company stores, Events, Races and on and on and on. Wherever your imagination will take you, we will product exceptional products for you.

Custom Printed T-shirts $3.65 ea. with 1 color imprint

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